Best $20 Mobile Plan – September 2016

In this post, we’ve analysed the best mobile plans in Australia for $20 or less. We’ve analysed both prepaid and postpaid options across a variety of different carriers and have compared them by the number of calls you can make, number of texts, amount of data as well as network coverage and speed.

Scroll down for our written analysis on the best option depending on your requirements, so you can choose the best plan that suits your needs.

 Company PlanTypeNetworkCreditNational CallsNational TextInternational TextDataExcess DataPriceExpiryOther
AldiLinkSPrepaidTelstra 3G$12.50$0.10/min500000.25GB$15.0030 daysUnlimited Aldi to Aldi
DodoLinkLitePostpaidOptus 4G$500$0.99/min + $0.39$0.29$0.501GB$15/GB$17.90MonthUnlimited Dodo to Dodo
JeeneeLinkPennywise $18PostpaidOptus 4G300 minutesUnlimited$0.501.8GB4c/MB$18.00Month$10 Setup, Unlimited Jeenee to Jeenee
VayaLinkPower Plan 18PostpaidOptus 4G$650$0.99/min + $0.35Unlimited$0.401.5GB$10/GB$18.00Month$20 Setup
SpintelLinkSPostpaidOptus 4G200 Minutes$200$0.350.5GB$10/GB$18.00Month$10 Setup
TelechoiceLinkLIVE $19PostpaidTelstra 3G$300$0.99/min + $0.40Unlimited$0.500.5GB$10/GB$19.00MonthUnlimited Telechoice to Telechoice
AmaysimLinkFlexiPrepaidOptus 4G$0.09/min$0.090.5GB$19.9030 days
TPGLinkT4G 1PostpaidVodafone 4G$400$0.99/min + $0.40$0.25$0.501.3GB$10/GB$19.99Month$10 Setup, Unlimited TPG to TPG
BoostLink$20 ULTRAPrepaidTelstra 4G100 minutesUnlimited$0.351GB$20.0030 days500MB Weekend Data
AldiLinkMPrepaidTelstra 3G$40.00$0.10/min500001GB$20.0030 daysUnlimited Aldi to Aldi

Analysis: The Option

Our overall best value option is Jeenee’s Pennywise $18 Plan. Powered by the Optus 4G network, the plan offers an extremely generous 300 minutes of calls, unlimited text, and the highest standard data allowance (1.8GB) of all the plans that we’ve analysed.

Need calls?

Vaya’s Power Plan 18 probably offers the most calls out of all our options – with $650 worth of credit, you could make 558 minutes of calls (at two minutes each) . The plan also offers unlimited national text, so you don’t have to worry about text eating up your credit.

Need texts?

Several of our options offer unlimited texts – including Vaya, Telechoice, Boost, while Aldi offers an almost unlimited 50,000 texts.

Need data?

Jeenee’s Pennywise $18 Plan offer’s the most standard data out of all the plans. However, Boost offers a 500MB per weekend bonus in addition to a standard 1GB data allowance. If you use your data on the weekend, this could mean you could use up to 3GB data a month.

Who offers the best value $20 mobile plan in Australia? We’d love to hear your thoughts, as well as any feedback or discussion related to the article – comment using the text box below.

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