What is Rotational Feeding?

Can you imagine eating the same meal every day for the rest of your life? Unfortunately, that is how most dogs get their nutrition. We at THEO have decided to change things up. We believe that our beautiful babies deserve variety!

Rotational feeding is the practice of rotating your fur baby’s food instead of keeping them on the same food for the rest of their lives. Some of the amazing benefits of this include:

  • Fewer food allergies

It is widely believed that allergies are developed due to eating the same ingredients over and over again – leading to intolerances. By switching protein sources and formulas, it reduces the chance of allergy development, ensures that your pup is receiving a wide array of essential nutrients and increases their tolerance to dietary changes.

  • Improved digestive systems

Good bacteria lives in your dog’s GI tract, helping them digest their food. Rotating ingredients keeps promotes the health and variety of this good bacteria – which can help your pup’s digestive tract become stronger, making it easier for them to break down food—leading to less upset stomachs.

  • Improved overall health

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein for your dog. By rotating the proteins they consume, you provide your dog with various amino acids. A rotating diet provides a wide variation of these amino acid profiles – improving your baby’s overall health.

  • Even the fussiest eaters will be begging for more

The varying ingredient keep things interesting, even for the fussiest eaters. Clearly, rotational feeding has some huge benefits, but it is important that your fur baby has a balanced diet. Let us worry about that for you. Our pet nutritionist and naturopath designed wholesome rotation-based meals will keep your fur baby satisfied & healthy!

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