To grain or not to grain feed?

The new in thing seems to be grain free diets for dogs. Grains have a bad rep for a couple of reasons.

  1. They are often used by dog food companies as ‘filler’ ingredients in meals. This is often done due to their low cost.
  2. Some dogs are allergic to grains

The truth about grains is that they actually have some very good health benefits for dogs. In fact, 99% of dogs can easily digest grains. Which is swell because they are nutrient packed and are a good source of carbohydrate, fat, and antioxidants. Including grains in your dog’s diet can aid them in achieving healthy skin & hair in addition to supporting healthy immune systems and more. The large variety of grains available also means that there are plenty of nutritionally diverse, easily digested wholesome grains that can be added into your pet’s diet, including – wheat, barley, quinoa, corn etc. When included in the right amounts, dog foods containing grain balance the grain’s nutrients with nutrients provided by other ingredients to create a nutritionally complete dog food. At THEO, our pet nutritionist and naturopath designed wholesome rotation-based meals include a variety of wholegrains in our rotational meals in the perfect quantities to keep your fur baby well nourished!

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